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Before You Code » Site Planning
So you want to build a website, and you're eager to write some code. Not so fast! You'll need to do some site planning first. What is the purpose of your site? Who are you designing your website for? How will you measure the success of your site? We're here to help you answer these questions and more.

14 Ways to Be the World’s Worst Web Project Manager
by Chris Roane

Chris Roane
Being a good project manager is hard. Being a bad project manager, on the other hand, turns out to be very easy. There are a number of simple steps you can follow that guarantee you’ll be the bane of clients, bosses, and team members everywhere. Chris Roane walks us through them, in the hopes that you’ll learn to avoid them in your work.

Web Site Basics: Stuff Beginners Need To Know
by Matthew Magain

Matthew Magain
Beginner web designers, especially those who come from a print background, often neglect to consider certain aspects of the Web that are unique to the medium. Matt spells out the stuff that every designer should know before they build their first site.

10 Years On: SitePoint's Co-founder Spills the Beans
by Chris White

Chris White
10 years ago, an enthusiastic Aussie entrepreneur and a young Canadian webmaster got together to launch the site that would become In this revealing interview, SitePoint's Co-founder Mark Harbottle reflects on the highlights since those early days, and hypothesizes on what the future holds.

The Future of the Web: What to Expect in 2008
by Brian Suda

Brian Suda
Wondering what lies ahead this year? Brian takes a long, hard look into his crystal ball and gives us predictions for mobile device developments, social networks, and ubiquitous connectivity, among other crucial technologies and concepts set to evolve in 2008.

IE and Standards: Chris Wilson Talks
by Kevin Yank

Kevin Yank
Web Directions South gave Kev a chance to meet with Chris Wilson. Here, he grills Chris on Microsoft's reputation among designers and developers, finds out what's in store for IE 8, and explores why backwards compatibility matters.

by David Lewis

David Lewis
An old content site. Multiple systems. Table-based design. No content management facilities. And a 35-day project timeframe. Faced with these challenges, David and his team redevelop the Vogue Australia web site from the ground up in just over one month. Here, he reveals how they did it, explaining the finer details of the decisions that were made, and why.

Blog Software Smackdown: The Big 3 Reviewed
by Vinnie Garcia

Vinnie Garcia
Launching a blog? Countless blog software providers compete for your patronage: how will you decide which to use? Vinnie assesses the performance of the most popular self-hosted options -- Movable Type, WordPress, and Textpattern -- as they go head to head in the battle to become *your* chosen blog software.

Successful Web Development Methodologies
by Martin Bauer

Martin Bauer
Web development need not be a hit-and-miss proposition. Martin's colleagues created a unique development methodology, which allowed the Web team to deliver complex projects on-time and on-budget. Here, he shares the details, so you can try it for yourself!

How To Stop Comment Spam
by Ajit Monteiro

Ajit Monteiro
If your site allows users to make comments, you're probably a victim of comment spam. Forum, blog, and bulletin board owners around the Web have developed a range of tools to eradicate comment spam, as Ajit explains in this quick-and-dirty how-to.

How to Hire a Web Designer
by Susan Villecroze

Susan Villecroze
You know you need a Website... but who will build it for you? Susan outlines the cold, hard facts you should consider when researching designers or developers to build your site, or the sites of your clients.

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