Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Porting a Masked Bitmap From Macromedia® FreeHand 8®

  Porting a Masked Bitmap From Macromedia® FreeHand 8®   Buy Graphics & DTP Software!
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You can create a masked bitmap in Macromedia FreeHand 8 by importing a bitmap then using the pen to make the mask. This tutorial outlines the steps to export the masked bitmap as a PDF file.

1. Launch FreeHand 8 and File > Import command to embed or link a bitmap image, then create the mask with the pen. This is what the image looks like with nothing selected:


2. Click View > Keyline to view the mask:


3. Click File > Output Options, then uncheck "Convert RGB to process" since this example is an RGB image. Select a flatness of 3 so the mask will conform closely to the curves.


4. Click File > Print. In the print dialog select the Distiller® Assistant printer driver, then click the "Setup" button.


5. In the Separations tab select "Composite".


6. The output options (in step 3 above) are also available on the Imaging tab. Click "OK", to return to the print dialog, then click "OK" to print.


7. Distiller prompts you for a filename. Enter a filename or accept the default, then click "Save".


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